While it's a good idea for fiction authors to have visibility outside of the pages of their books, blogs typically don't work well for them. Why?

Blogs exist because the blogger has a solution to a problem the reader faces.They offer advice, guidance, tips, products, or services the help the reader solve the problem. 

That's the basis of a Freedom Machine blog -- making money by helping readers solve problems.

Fiction authors are not, by nature, seeking to solve problems. Their books are, by design, a world unto themselves. 

Unless your books quickly become overnight bestsellers, readers are not interested in your writing process, lifestyle, or your other interests. It's only after your books take off that you'll become a celebrity. 

And if that happens you'll likely be too busy with social media to bother with a blog.

Becoming active on the social media platform where your readers hang out is probably a smarter use of your time.