The focus of the Content Marketing Certification Course is to help new and experienced writers develop the knowledge and skills to begin immediately writing content marketing for companies, agencies and large blogs.


The Content Marketing Certification program teaches you how to write for clients, how to find leads, and how you find clients and get started.


What you'll learn in the course

The Content Marketing Certification Course teaches SEO and content marketing concepts as well as practical research and writing techniques.

  • How to structure your content using proven content frameworks that achieve a business goal and make your clients happy
  • How to create and use content briefs that set clear expectations for you and your client
  • The most important SEO principles to be aware of and how to apply them to your writing
  • Different strategies you can use to improve your content's performance and bring your clients more traffic
  • How to write strong, effective headlines that make readers click and read your post
  • How to manage your busy schedule to finish this program, become a more efficient writer, and eventually scale your way up to earning $100/hour or more